Wooden Hot Tub
If you have been thinking of purchasing a hot tub or spa (the two terms describe the same thing), there are many factors to consider. While hot tub spa prices can vary greatly, the quality of the tubs, their construction, layout, insulation, jets, and, perhaps most importantly, their warranties, all must be considered before making a purchase.

Below are some things to look for when purchasing a hot tub. We have also provided some manufacturer’s links so that you may explore what each company has to offer.

Current Specials

Thermospas, a factory-direct manufacturer, is offering $1,500 in savings off the purchase of one of their hot tubs. Thermospas may be best known for being featured as the spa of choice on Bob Vila’s Home Again show. Visit there website for more information and to get a free 25-minute video explaining Thermospa’s benefits.

Hot Tub And Spa Prices

People are continually frustrated at the lack of pricing information for hot tubs on the Internet. This is mostly due to the fact that a spa is a large investment and the manufacturers are worried that listing a several thousand dollar price tag on a web page might scare away potential customers before they have a chance to think seriously about hot tub ownership. A few manufacturers, such as Thermospas, market their hot tubs like homes or automobiles by offering a base model and then allowing the customer to add additional jets and other options as they wish.

The price of a hot tub can vary greatly. Bargain-basement tubs with just a few jets can be had for a couple thousand dollars and a top-of-the-line model with at least 100 jets can cost $10,000 or more. As like most things, you usually get what you pay for.

Hot Tub Construction

Most hot tubs are made with an acrylic shell, usually in your choice of color. Look for the exterior cabinetry to be made of cedar, which can endure harsh weather. Removable cabinetry walls are also a plus, making the tub easier to service.

The real difference in construction technique is what kind of insulation is used under the shell. A poorly insulated tub will cause massive heat loss, the result being a higher electric bill! Newer technologies utilizing polypropylene insulation and foil-type blankets is preferred over the full foam method. Full foaming refers to filling the entire cavity with a foam, which then hardens.

This type of insulation should be avoided (unfortunately, about 3/4 of the hot tubs manufactured today still utilize full foam insulation) because in the event of a leaking water line, the foam hides the plumbing lines, meaning the foam must be completely cut away just to find the leak! More labor equals a higher-priced repair. Full foaming also wastes the heat generated by the spa engine by being vented out and actually could create a nesting home for rodents and insects.

Hot Tub Jets

The jets make up the heart of any hot tub or spa. When looking to purchase a hot tub, make note of the number and type of jets available on a particular tub. Some manufacturers offer only a high-speed water jet and a whirlpool-type jet. Others offer eight or nine different specialty jets so that the water can do what you want it to do. An example of a specialty jet would be a massage jet, designed to massage your back as you sit in the hot tub.

The next time you are at your local home warehouse-type store, if they sell hot tubs, make note of the number of jets in the tubs. Most low-priced, ready-to-purchase tubs will come with 15 to 30 jets. Higher-priced tubs may allow you to choose the number and types of jets in your tub. Many top of the line tubs have 100 or more jets.
Air Bubbling System

Although not offered by several manufacturers (but a standard feature on a few others), an air bubbling system adds a little fun to your hot tub, which is one of the reasons to purchase a hot tub in the first place. If you have children, this option should be seriously considered because kids love the bubbles! Look for a system that creates bubbles by utilizing the warm air created by the tub’s motor. Avoid systems that utilize cold air brought in from the outside of the tub – this will lower your water temperature very quickly and cost you more to heat your hot tub.

More Information On Hot Tubs

Thermospas – Company which sells their hot tubs factory-direct to the consumer. Their site features a product showroom and online feature brochure. Currently, Thermospas is offering a free 25-minute video and catalog package, along with a coupon for $1,500 in savings on the purchase of a spa.

artic spa utahArctic Spas – Canadian manufacturer of hot tubs, swim spas, hot tub covers and gazebos. Their hot tub range offers a lifetime guarantee on the hot tub shell. One of their most popular options is a salt water cleaning system that is fully automatic.



beachcomber spaBeachcomber Spas – The reason Beachcomber Hot Tubs are so popular is because they are built to last. Their also energy efficient, durable and safe. Quality construction means their built to be used every day.



baja spasBaja Spas – The Sportub plug and play range are popular and will run on a standard 15 amp power point. The Performance XS series from Baja Hot Tubs packs a punch with a 5.5 KW stainless steel water heater and powerful 5 HP spa pump. Lastly The Whitewater XS series offers up to 51 powerful therapy jets, led lights and deep seats that allow you to really immerse yourself.


CalspasCal Spas – Manufacturer of spas, saunas, gazebos, and even pool tables. A unique feature of the Cal Spas range is something they call “U-Select”. Which basically means that you can customize your hot tub by selecting from 10 unique hydrotherapy systems


Catalina SpasCatalina Spas – Catalina Spas has been around nearly a half century. With over 20 spas to choose from this hot tub brand is worth checking out. They design hot tubs with stress relief in mind. Well positioned jets and a comfortable layout make the package complete.


Great Lakes SpaEmerald Spa – Have been making hot tubs for over 30 years. and sell 4 series of quality hot tubs. Emerald Spas, Great Lakes Spas, Persona Series and Polynesian Spas comprise their product range. Versatility and value make their range worth considering.


Hot Spring SpaHot Spring Spas – These hot tubs claim to have a one of a kind massage system and a clever water management system that means lower running costs. Hot Spring design their hot tubs to maximize the massage experience. Their patented therapy jets are designed for individual muscle groups.

Atresian SpasArtesian Spas – Are built to improve the health and lifestyle of every customer. They believe many stress related conditions can be alleviated with a therapeutic soak in one of their spas. Anything from tension headaches to diabetes and back pain. The placement of massage jets makes this rangs of hot tubs so popular. There are jets for your neck, your feet and almost every other part as well.

Master SpasMaster Spas – Manufacturer of portable spas and hot tubs. They make a family friendly range of hot tubs each with it’s own unique feel and look. Their 4 main brands are Clarity Spas, Healthy Living, Twilight and Legend.


Wild River SpasWind River Spas – Colorado’s only hot tub manufacturer has an army of happy and enthusiastic customers. They make hot tubs designed for demanding climates. With some models even being equipped with a blue tooth audio system.


Jacuzzi Brand SpaJacuzzi – An iconic brand that has been making hot tubs for over 60 years. With a philosophy that revolves around quality engineering and thoughtful design, a Jacuzzi brand spa is guaranteed to please. Their unique patented “Aqualibrium” system provides the perfect mix of water and air and produces a high flow but low pressure massage that really feels awesome.

Dream Maker SpasDream Maker Spas – With 12 models offering durability and a plug and play functionality Dream Maker Spas are worth taking a look at. They have models to suit most budgets. All their hot tubs are packed with modern features, like adjustable massage jets. fully digital controls and a stylish exterior.

thermospasThermoSpas have been building spas and hot tubs since 1983. You can even design your own spa selecting the options that suit your individual needs. They have a reputation for quality and reliability along with a commitment to energy efficiency. A thermospa hot tub captures and reuses heat which helps to warm the air pumped through the jets and also helps insulate. They are also recognized as one of the most quiet hot tubs available. This means a lot when you want to relax.

PDC SpasPDC Spas¬† are so strong they come with a 35 year structural warranty! They ave been making exceptional spas and swim tubs sine 1957. PDC Spas are all well protected from the outside elements like damp and cold. Their unique insulation system is energy efficient whilst also be lightweight. The “temperlok ” heat trapping system recycles waste heat from the spa pump which is then used to warm the inside cavity which ultimately radiates through the plumbing and the water.


What About Portable Hot Tubs

Inflatable Hot Tub
Even if you cannot afford any of the hot tub brands already listed, you may still be able to enjoy many of the benefits at a fraction of the cost. Portable hot tubs have exploded on the market because they are versatile and cheap. Inflatable hot tubs like those made by Intex, Coleman, Bestway and Canadian Spa, just to name a few, have taken the concept of a cheap hot tub to a whole new level. Offering features like self-inflation, 100 + massage jets, and ozone water treatment.

With prices starting from around $350 if your looking for a cheap hot tub an inflatable is the best place to start. Modern portable hot tubs are surprisingly high tech, with extremely durable outer shell that are well insulated. Some models have a mix of bubble jets and more therapeutic massage jets, while the majority have only bubble jets that are created by pumping air through the water.

We can recommend this website РPortable Hot Tub Finder  if you are looking for a cheap hot tub. It allows you to search for the best prices on just about any make and model of portable or inflatable hot tub. Also good for spa accessories and things like chemicals and water treatment aids.