4 Hot Tub Maintenance Tips That’ll Keep Your Tub Clean

hot tub maintenance

Anything that could serve well as a breeding ground for bacteria should be constantly disinfected. That includes plenty of items, such as your toilet bowls and sinks. But one that’s neglected way too often is the your private little spa. No, it’s not enough to just make sure you spot and remove any debris floating around. You’ve got to make sure that all the harmful germs and parasites are dealt with properly as well.

Ignore this message of wisdom, and you face the risk of getting infected with a disease that attacks your skin, lungs and even intestines. With that said, are you ready to leave your filthy habits behind and humbly heed my advice? Given that you are, here’s the 1st hot tub maintenance tip for you to never forget: monitor the levels of disinfectant and pH balance of the water.

A parasite just loves it when unwittingly owners allow their disinfectant levels to drop low. This permits them to thrive and spread faster. By making sure you sanitize at least 3 times a week plus maintain the right balance of pH levels, you’ll not only be ensuring the death of bacteria, but you’ll be extending the life span of the spa heater as well.

2nd hot tub maintenance tip is to clean your filters every single week. Don’t let the dead skin cells and other particles get back into your tub by spraying it with high-pressured water. Moreover, disinfecting the filters once a month would also prove to be helpful

3rd tip is to get a hot tub cover – I probably shouldn’t have to explain why, but I will anyway, just in case it isn’t obvious enough. This handy piece of equipment can serve to your advantage by 2 ways, with the first one being: it blocks out dust, falling particles, bird poop and other junk from getting in. 2nd way it helps is through lowering your electric bill (if you’re using an electric spa heater). By keeping the lid on while heating, the heat gets trapped inside, making it faster to reach the desired temperature level.

4th and last hot tub maintenance tip is to drain and clean your tub every 90 days. The filtration and disinfection process of your personal spa may be good, but it’s not enough to kill every single parasite and clear out all of those tiny particles. Besides, would you actually want to get into the same pool of water that all of your friends and family have been soaking in for the past 3 months? I think not – so do yourself and everyone a favor and make it a habit to drain and clean your tubs every 3 months.

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