Reasons for Winterizing a Hot Tub

Winterize A Hot Tub
One of the major benefits of owning a hot tub is the ability to use it all year long. For many people, winter is actually one of the best times for using the tub, as the contrast between the cold outside air and the hot water provides a sensation that revitalizes the entire body.

In the event that the hot tub will not be in use over the colder months, owners have a choice to make. The hot tub can be left running on a lower temperature and the owner will incur the energy costs associated with this. The other option is to winterize the hot tub. In the case that the owner will not be around to take care of the tub, the hot tub should always be properly winterized to minimize the possibility of damage caused by freezing. This is especially true in Canada where extreme winter temperatures can cause serious damage to hot tubs.

Properly winterizing the hot tub will help to protect the investment and ensure that the hot tub continues to provide relaxation and enjoyment for as long as possible.

How to Winterize a Hot Tub

Winterizing a hot tub involves draining all of the water from the tub and taking steps to protect the tub against the cold. It can be a long process to properly winterize the tub, but it should always be done properly to minimize any potential damage to the tub.

The first step is to turn off all power to the hot tub. The next step is the most important step of all, draining ALL of the water from the tub. Even a small amount of water left in the tub can cause severe damage to the tub in the form of cracking and other problems. There are different products that can be used to flush the plumbing system of the tub before draining and there are specialized devices that can be used to make the draining process more efficient as well.

After all of the water has been removed from the tub, the filters will have to be removed. This may be a good time to plan for replacement of old filters as well. All fittings should be loosened to prevent damage to your hot tub pump and all pipes should be blown out to jettison any residual water. It is also advisable to clean both sides of the hot tub cover and apply a quality protectorant.

Getting Help Winterizing a Hot Tub

Most of the top hot tub retailers in  will also provide service for the hot tubs that they sell. This may include winterizing services for owners who need to shut the hot tub down for the colder months. Speak to a reputable hot tub retailer today to see if they provide professional winterizing services that will allow you to rest assured that your investment is properly prepared for the colder months.

In the event that you choose to winterize the hot tub yourself, the top hot tub retailers will have all of the equipment and chemicals you need for properly winterizing a hot tub no matter where you live.

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