What About Portable Hot Tubs

Inflatable Hot Tub
Even if you cannot afford any of the hot tub brands already listed, you may still be able to enjoy many of the benefits at a fraction of the cost. Portable hot tubs have exploded on the market because they are versatile and cheap. Inflatable hot tubs like those made by Intex, Coleman, Bestway and Canadian Spa, just to name a few, have taken the concept of a cheap hot tub to a whole new level. Offering features like self-inflation, 100 + massage jets, and ozone water treatment.

With prices starting from around $350 if your looking for a cheap hot tub an inflatable is the best place to start. Modern portable hot tubs are surprisingly high tech, with extremely durable outer shell that are well insulated. Some models have a mix of bubble jets and more therapeutic massage jets, while the majority have only bubble jets that are created by pumping air through the water.

We can recommend this website – Portable Hot Tub Finder  if you are looking for a cheap hot tub. It allows you to search for the best prices on just about any make and model of portable or inflatable hot tub. Also good for spa accessories and things like chemicals and water treatment aids.